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Type 89 (YW534)

Developed concurrently with the export-oriented YW 531H (Type 85), the YW 534 (Type 89) was a variant designed for PLA service. Compared to the Type 85, the Type 89 is slightly larger, wider, and heavier but otherwise retains the same all-welded steel design, which protects against small arms and shrapnel, and the same conventional APC layout. Like the Type 85, numerous firing ports are now provided, generally two on the left side and four on the right; each with a periscope although this configuration can vary per vehicle. Four electrically-operated smoke grenade dischargers are also located on each side of the forward hull. NBC protection is standard, and amphibious capability is retained. Also in similar vein to the Type 85, numerous variants were built although it is unclear if many of them were developed beyond the experimental stage. Aside from PLA use, the Type 89 is believed to have been adopted by Zimbabwe but otherwise no other orders have been received being marketed for export.

The YW 534 (Type 89 or ZSD-89) entered service in 1990 and was followed up by numerous non-APC variants. These include the YW 307 IFV with a one-man turret armed with a 25-mm autocannon and a troop carrying capacity of seven. An armored ambulance is known as the WZ 752 and there is also the ZJX-93 armored recovery vehicle, ZHB-94 supply vehicle, WZ 731 (or ZZC-01) reconnaissance vehicle, ZZC-02 radar carrier, as well as refuelling, mine-laying and obstacle-removing vehicles. A tank destroyer version is equipped with HJ-8 missiles and known as the ZDF-1. A follow up is known as the YW 535 (Type 90) and is described separately.

Preceded by:

Type 77 (WZ511) (1978)

Succeeded by:

Type 90 (YW535) (1991)


DesignType 89
Crew2 + 13
Length (w/Gun)6.15 m
Width3.13 m
Height1.88 m
Loaded14,300 kg
Ground Pressure0.59 kg/cm²
SuspensionTorsion bar
Speed (Off-Road)66 km/h
Range (Off-Road)-
AmphibiousYes (6 km/h)
Vertical Obstacle0.70 m
Trench2.50 m
Engine1 x 320-hp
Power/Weight22.38 hp/t
Main1 x 12.7-mm
Type 54
Machine Gun (1120)
↑ 90° / ↓ 0° / ↔ 360°

Thickness0 - 0 mm
Max Effective0 mm RHAe