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This is general information about the air, land, and sea weapons on this site, if you're not sure what the difference is beween a fighter and and interceptor, an APC and an IFV, or the myriad of amphibious ships used by navies, start here.

Aircraft Types
Combat Vehicle Types
Ship Types and Designations


Here's my contribution to the endless debates on what is the best aircraft or tank in the world. The modern fighter rankings are entirely subjective, based on personal appreciation of their capabilities. However, the bomber and tank rankings have a more rigorous methodology in which each aicraft or vehicle is ranked on the basis of various parameters. Work on fighter rankings is ongoing but I have made my own subjective rankings for modern types.

Fighter Rankings - World War II
Fighter Rankings - Modern

Bomber Rankings - World War II
Bomber Rankings - Modern

Tank Rankings - World War II

Tank Rankings - Modern

Designation systems

What's in a name? The story behind how military weapons get their designations and their names is a peculiarly interesting (and incredibly geeky) aspect of warfare. I have attempted to create comprehensive guides explaining the designation systems of the main powers for aircraft and ships.

Aircraft Designations - Germany
Aircraft Designations - France
Aircraft Designations - Japan
Aircraft Designations - USSR/Russia
Aircraft Designations - United Kingdom
Aircraft Designations - United States

Pennant Numbers - Royal Navy
Pennant Numbers - NATO
Hull Classification Symbols - United States
Hull Classification Symbols - NATO
Ship Designations - USSR/Russia (External link)

Camouflage systems

Camouflage is one of the most interesting aspects of military research, and endless controversy particulary with regards to historic colors. The following articles are a summary of the main camouflage systems used by the major military powers from World War II up to today and includes paint guides for modelling.

Aircraft Camouflage - Luftwaffe (World War II)
Aircraft Camouflage - Luftwaffe (Modern)
Aircraft Camouflage - Royal Air Force
Aircraft Camouflage - Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm
Aircraft Camouflage - U.S. Air Force
Aircraft Camouflage - U.S. Army Air Force
Aircraft Camouflage - U.S. Army Aviation
Aircraft Camouflage - U.S. Marine Corps
Aircraft Camouflage - U.S. Navy

Blog entries

My personal blog,, occasionally deals with military or security-related issues. Here is a list of all articles on the subject.

On the atomic bombing of Japan (6.8.15)
To Trident or not to Trident (17.4.15)
The greatest aviation duels in history (14.12.14)
Putin's new Crimean War (2.3.14)
The war against Iran: a game theoretical perspective
The future of air power (20.3.12)

External resources

The following are are external resources I consider to be invaluable for military research. Some of them have since been taken down so I have therefore decided to host them here as a mirror.

Global Peace Index (GPI)
SIPRI Military Expenditure Database
SIPRI Top 100 arms-producing and military services companies

Milspeak Jargon List by Ian Coates (Mirror)
Tank Protection Levels by Jake Collins (Mirror)



Air Power Australia
Alternative Wars
Federation of American Scientists
Gary's Olive Drab Page
IHS Jane's 360
Military Today

Archives & Statistics

Axis History Factbook
The Avalon Project
The Big Book of Warfare
Feldgrau - The German Armed Forces 1919-1945
Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century

World War II at
World War II Armed Forces
World War


The British Army in the Great War of 1914-1918
Cold War International History Project
D-Day: Etat des Lieux
Decoded: The Cold War Blog 1945-1995
Encyclopaedia Brittannica's Guide to Normandy 1944
France 1940

Kursk Page
Pacific War Online Encyclopedia
The Russian Battlefield WWII Technical Database
U.S. Army Center of Military History
World War II Database
World War II in the Pacific

Air Warfare
Air Aces
Air Vectors
All the World's Rotorcraft
The Aviation Zone
Joe Baugher's American Military Aircraft
Russian Aviation Museum
The Aviation History Online Museum
The Great Planes
The World War II Encyclopedia
USAF Museum
Virtual Aircraft Museum
Warbirds Resource Group
WW2 Warbirds

Land Warfare

Achtung Panzer
Army Technology

World War II Vehicles

Sea Warfare

Fleet Air Arm Archive

Haze Gray & Underway
The Leander Project

Naval History and Heritage Command

NavSource Naval History
Net-Marine (fr)
Nihon Kaigun (Imperial Japanse Navy Page)
Seaforces Online
WWI The War At Sea


1000 Aircraft Photos
Wings Palette
World War II in Color
The World War II Multimedia Database

National links

France - Armée de Terre | Marine Nationale | Armeé de l'Air
Germany - Bundeswehr | Marine | Luftwaffe
Israel - Israel Defence Forces | Israeli Air Force
Italy - Esercito | Marina Militare | Aeronautica Militare
Japan - Ground SDF | Maritime SDF | Air SDF
Sweden -Försvarsmakten | Flygvapnet
United Kingdom - British Army | Royal Navy | Royal Air Force
United States - US Army | US Navy | US Marine Corps | US Air Force

Corporate links

Airbus Helicopters
BAE Systems
Bath Iron Works
Bell Helicopter
Dassault Aviation
General Dynamics
Huntington Ingalls
Israeli Aerospace Industries
Lockheed Martin

Nexter Group
Northrop Grumman
UACnited Aircraft Corporation