Sea Weapons

Guided Missile Frigate


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Ship Code Builder Laid Launch Comm Decomm Fate
Kortenaer F807 Royal Schelde08/04/7518/12/7626/10/7815/12/97Transferred
Callenburgh F808 Royal Schelde30/06/7526/03/7726/07/7930/03/94Transferred
Van Kinsbergen F809 Royal Schelde02/09/7516/04/7724/04/8001/03/95Transferred
Banckert F810 Royal Schelde25/02/7630/09/7829/10/8014/05/93Transferred
Piet Hein F811 Royal Schelde28/04/7703/06/7814/04/8127/06/98Transferred
Pieter Florisz F812 Royal Schelde01/07/7715/12/79--Transferred incomplete
Witte de With F813 Royal Schelde13/06/7827/10/79--Transferred incomplete
Abraham Crijnsson F816 Royal Schelde25/10/7816/05/8126/01/8331/10/97Transferred
Philips van Almonde F823 Wilton-Fijenoord01/10/7711/08/7902/12/812002Transferred
Bloys van Treslong F824 Wilton-Fijenoord01/05/7815/11/8025/11/822003Transferred
Jan van Brakel F825 Royal Schelde16/11/7916/05/8114/04/832001Transferred
Pieter Florisz F826 Royal Schelde21/01/8108/05/8201/10/832001Transferred
Ship Code Former Code Comm Decomm Fate
Abu Dhabi F01 Abraham Crijnsson F816 31/10/97-Active
Al Emirat F02 Piet Hein F811 27/06/98-Active
Elli F450 Pieter Florisz F812 10/10/81-Active
Limnos F451 Witte de With F813 18/10/82-Active
Adrias F459 Callenburgh F808 30/03/94-Active
Aegaeon F460 Banckert F810 14/05/93-Active
Navarinon F461 Van Kinsbergen F809 01/03/95-Active
Kountouriotes F462 Kortenaer F807 15/12/97-Active
Bouboulina F463 Pieter Florisz F826 200118/02/13Inactive
Kanaris F464 Jan van Brakel F825 2001-Active
Themistokles F465 Philips van Almonde F823 2002-Active
Nikiforos Fokas F466 Bloys van Treslong F824 2003-Active