War Crimes Trials, Nuremburg


  1 2 3 4 Sentence
Hermann Göring G G G G Hanging
Rudolf Hess G G NG NG Life
Joachim von Ribbentrop G G G G Hanging
Wilhelm Keitel G G G G Hanging
Ernst Kaltenbrunner NG - G G Hanging
Alfred Rosenberg G G G G Hanging
Hans Frank NG - G G Hanging
Wilhelm Frick NG G G G Hanging
Julius Streicher NG - - G Hanging
Walther Funk NG G G G Life
Hjalmar Schacht NG NG - Acquitted
Karl Dönitz NG G G 10 Years
Erich Raeder G G G Life
Baldur von Shirach NG - - G 20 Years
Fritz Sauckel NG NG G G Hanging
Alfred Jodl G G G G Hanging
Martin Bormann NG - G G Hanging
Franz von Papen NG NG - Acquitted
Artur Syss-Inquart NG G G G Hanging
Albert Speer NG NG G G 20 Years
Konstantin von Neurath G G G G 15 Years
Hans Fritzsche NG - NG NG Acquitted



(1) G - Guilty, NG - Not Guilty.

(2) Counts:

Count 1 - Formulation or execution of a common plan or conspiracy
Count 2 - Crimes against peace
Count 3 - War crimes
Count 4 - Crimes against humanity

Source: I.C.B. Dear & M.R.D. Foot, The Oxford Companion to World War II.

Last modified: 10 December 2022