Order of Battle, Allies, Europe (4/1945)


Ground Forces
    Unit Commander Target
— 1ST ALLIED AIRBORNE ARMY Gen. M. B. Ridgeway  
—— 13th (U.S.) Airborne Div.    
21st BRITISH ARMY GROUP F. M. B. L. Montgomery  
— 79th Armoured Div.    
— Czech Armoured Bde.    
— 1st CANADIAN ARMY Gen. H. D. G. Crerar  
—— 1st Armoured Bde.    
—— 2nd Armoured Bde.    
—— 1st (Belgian) Infantry Bde.    
—— I Corps Lt. Gen. C. Foulkes  
——— 1st Infantry Div.    
——— 49th (West Riding) Infantry Div.    
——— 34th (British) Armoured Bde.    
—— II Corps Lt. Gen. G. G. Simonds  
——— 2nd Infantry Div.    
——— 3rd Infantry Div.    
——— 4th Armoured Div.    
——— 5th Armoured Div.    
——— 1st (Polish) Armoured Div.    
— 2nd BRITISH ARMY Gen. M. C. Dempsey  
—— 3rd Infantry Div.    
—— I Corps Lt. Gen. J. T. Crocker  
—— VIII Corps Lt. Gen. E. Barker  
——— 5th Infantry Div.    
——— 15th (Scottish) Infantry Div.    
——— 11th Armoured Div.    
—— XII Corps Lt. Gen. N. M. Ritchie  
——— 53rd (Welsh) Infantry Div.    
——— 7th Armoured Div.    
—— XXX Corps Lt. Gen. B. G. Horrocks  
——— 43rd (Wessex) Infantry Div.    
——— 51st (Highland) Infantry Div.    
——— 52nd (Lowland) Infantry Div.    
——— Guards Armoured Div.    
——— 6th Guards Tank Bde.    
——— 8th Armoured Bde.    
—— XVIII (U.S.) Airborne Corps Maj. Gen. M. B. Ridgeway  
——— 82nd Airborne Div.    
——— 6th (British) Airborne Div.    
——— 8th Infantry Div.    
——— 5th Armoured Div.    
——— 7th Armoured Div.    
12th U.S. ARMY GROUP Gen. O. Bradley  
— 1st U.S. ARMY Gen. C. H. Hodges  
—— VII Corps Maj. Gen. J. L. Collins  
——— 9th Infantry Div.    
——— 69th Infantry Div.    
——— 104th Infantry Div.    
——— 3rd Armoured Div.    
—— VIII Corps Maj. Gen. T. H. Middleton  
——— 76th Infantry Div.    
——— 87th Infantry Div.    
——— 89th Infantry Div.    
——— 6th Armoured Div.    
— 3rd U.S. ARMY Gen. G. S. Patton  
—— 4th Infantry Div.    
—— 70th Infantry Div.    
—— III Corps Maj. Gen. J. A. Van Fleet  
——— 99th Infantry Div.    
——— 14th Armoured Div.    
—— V Corps Maj. Gen. C. Huebner  
——— 1st Infantry Div.    
——— 2nd Infantry Div.    
——— 97th Infantry Div.    
——— 9th Armoured Div.    
——— 16th Armoured Div.    
—— XII Corps Maj. Gen. S. L. Irwin  
——— 5th Infantry Div.    
——— 26th Infantry Div.    
——— 90th Infantry Div.    
——— 4th Armoured Div.    
——— 11th Armoured Div.    
—— XX Corps Maj. Gen. W. H. Walker  
——— 65th Infantry Div.    
——— 71th Infantry Div.    
——— 80th Infantry Div.    
——— 13th Armoured Div.    
— 9th U.S. ARMY Gen. W. H. Simpson  
—— XIII Corps Maj. Gen. A. C. Gillem  
——— 35th Infantry Div.    
——— 84th Infantry Div.    
——— 102nd Infantry Div.    
—— XVI Corps Maj. Gen. J. B. Anderson  
——— 29th Infantry Div.    
——— 75th Infantry Div.    
——— 79th Infantry Div.    
——— 95th Infantry Div.    
—— XIX Corps Maj. Gen. R. S. McLain  
——— 30th Infantry Div.    
——— 83rd Infantry Div.    
——— 2nd Armoured Div.    
——— 8th Armoured Div.    
— 15th U.S. ARMY Gen. L. T. Gerow  
—— 66th Infantry Div.    
—— 106th Infantry Div.    
—— XXII Corps Maj. Gen. E. N. Harmon  
——— 17th Airborne Div.    
——— 94th Infantry Div.    
—— XXIII Corps    
——— 28th Infantry Div.    
6th U.S. ARMY GROUP Gen. J. L. Devers  
— 7th U.S. ARMY Gen. A. M. Patch  
—— 45th Infantry Div.    
—— 63rd Infantry Div.    
—— 100th Infantry Div.    
—— 12th Armoured Div.    
—— VI Corps Maj. Gen. E. H. Brooks  
——— 44th Infantry Div.    
——— 103rd Infantry Div.    
——— 10th Armoured Div.    
—— XV Corps Maj. Gen. W. H. Haislip  
——— 3rd Infantry Div.    
——— 42nd Infantry Div.    
——— 86th Infantry Div.    
——— 20th Armoured Div.    
—— XXI Corps Maj. Gen. F. W. Milburn  
——— 101st Airborne Div.    
——— 36th Infantry Div.    
— 1st FRENCH ARMY Gen. dA. J. dL. de Tassigny  
—— 1re Div. de Marche d'Infanterie (Motorized)    
—— 10e Div. d'Infanterie    
—— 14e Div. d'Infanterie    
—— 27e Div. d'Infanterie de Montagne    
—— 2e Div. Blindée    
—— 1re Corps d'Armée Gen. dC. M. E. A. Béthouart  
——— 4e Div. Marocain de Montagne    
——— 9e Div. d'Infanterie Coloniale    
——— 1re Div. Blindée    
—— 2e Corps d'Armée Gen. dC. J. dG. de Monsabert  
——— 2e Div. d'Infanterie Marocain    
——— 3e Div. d'Infanterie Algérienne    
——— 5e Div. Blindée    
15th ALLIED ARMY GROUP Gen. M. W. Clark  
— 5th U.S. ARMY Gen. L. K. Truscott  
—— 85th Infantry Div.    
—— 92nd Infantry Div.    
—— II Corps Maj. Gen. G. Keyes  
——— 34th Infantry Div.    
——— 88th Infantry Div.    
——— 91st Infantry Div.    
——— 6th (South African) Armoured Div.    
——— Gruppi di Combattimento "Legano" (Italian)    
—— IV Corps Lt. Gen. W. D. Crittenberger  
——— 10th Mountain Div.    
——— 1st Armoured Div.    
——— 1a Div. de Infantaria Expedicionária    
— 8th BRITISH ARMY Lt. Gen. R. McCreery  
—— 6th Armoured Div.    
—— 2nd Parachute Bde.    
—— V Corps Lt. Gen. C. Keightley  
——— 56th (London) Infantry Div.    
——— 78th Infantry Div.    
——— 2nd (New Zealand) Infantry Div.    
——— 8th (Indian) Infantry Div.    
——— 2nd Armoured Bde.    
——— 21st Tank Bde.    
——— 4th (New Zealand) Armoured Bde.    
——— Gruppi di Combattimento "Cremona" (Italian)    
——— 2nd Commando Bde.    
—— X Corps Lt. Gen. J. Hawkesworth  
——— Jewish Infantry Brigade Grp.    
——— Gruppi di Combattimento "Friuli" (Italian)    
—— XIII Corps Lt. Gen. J. Harding  
——— 10th (Indian) Infantry Div.    
——— Gruppi di Combattimento "Folgore" (Italian)    
—— II (Polish) Corps Maj. Gen. Z. Bohusz-Szyszko  
——— 3rd Carpathian Rifle Div.    
——— 5th Kresowa Infantry Div.    
——— 2nd Armoured Bde.    
——— 7th (British) Armoured Bde.    
——— 43rd Gurkha Lorried Bde.    
—— 4th Infantry Div.    
—— 4th (Indian) Infantry Div.    
—— 23rd Armoured Bde.    



(1) Only includes divisional and independent brigade-sized units.

(2) Reflects order of battle for S.H.A.E.F. on 30/4/45 and for A.F.H.Q. on 9/4/45 at the start of Operation Grapeshoot (Corps assignments may have shifted by V-E Day).

(3) British I Corps was held as Army reserve and did not include divisional units on 30/4/45.

Sources: Personally compiled from various sources including Ellis J., The World War II Data Book; Italy Volume II: From Cassino to Trieste.

Last modified: 20 January 2023