Military Formation Comparisons


  Men France U.K. U.S.A. U.S.S.R. Germany Italy Japan
xxxxx 400,000-1,000,000+ Groupe d'Armees Army Group Army Group Front Heeresgruppe Army Group General Army
xxxx 100,000-200,000 Armée Army Army Army Armee Army Area Army
xxx 20,000-50,000 Corps Corps Corps Corps Korps Corps Army
xx 6,000-20,000 Division Division Division Division Division Division Division
x 3,000-5,000 Brigade Brigade Brigade / C.C. Brigade Brigade Brigade Brigade
ιιι 1,000-3,000 Regiment Regiment Regiment Regiment Regiment Regiment Regiment
ιι 300-1,000 Bataillon Batallion Batallion Batallion Abteilung Batallion Batallion
ι 80-250 Companie Company Company Company Kompanie Company Company
••• 24-60 Section Platoon Platoon Platoon Zug Platoon Platoon
•• 12-24 Groupe de Combat Section Section Squad Gruppe Section Squad



Air Forces
  Aircraft France U.K. U.S.A. U.S.S.R. Germany Italy Japan
xxxx 600+ F.A.C. Command / Air Force Air Force Air Army Luftflotte Squadra Kokugun
xxx 200-600 Z.O.A. Group Command Air Corps Fliegerkorps Brigata / Divisione Hikoshidan
xx 80-180 Division - Wing Air Division Geschwader Stormo Hikodan
ιιι 20-60 Groupe Wing Group Air Regiment Gruppen Gruppo Sentai
ιι 8-20 Escadrille Squadron Squadron Squadron Staffel Squadriglia Chutai
ι 1-4 - Flight Flight Flight Schwarm Sezione Shotai



(1) British Army Regiments were used as administrative rather than field units. In most armies, divisions were divided into either brigades or regiments but rarely both.

(2) U.S. Armored Division Command Commands were brigade equivalents.

(2) Large Air Force units were often regionally or functionally organized and varied greatly in size. In particular, the R.A.F. used numerous ad hoc nomenclatures for Command-sized units (ex: Desert Air Force, 1st/2nd Tactical Air Forces, Air Defense of Great Britain).

(3) French Zone d' Opérations Aériennes (Z.O.A.) were regional commands composed of various Groupes. Bomber Groupes of the Z.O.A.N. (Nord) were organized under the 1ére Division Aérienne, the only such formation of its kind and which would be equivalent to a USAAF wing in size. Al Z.O.A.s facing Germany were organized into the Forces Aériennes de Coopération du Nord-Est (F.A.C.N.E.).

(4) There was no RAF equivalent to a USAAF Wing or Luftwaffe Geschwader. RAF Groups were typically composed of a very large number of Wings.

(5) Regia Aeronautica Brigata (Air Brigade) and Divisione (Air Division) were only differentiated by number of Stormo under their command (2 or 3 respectively).

(5) Japanese air unit translations:

Air Army (Kokugun), Air Division (Hikoshidan), Air Brigade (Hikodan), Air Combat Group (Sentai), Squadron (Chutai), and Flight (Shotai).

Source: Personally compiled from various extenal sources including I.C.B. Dear & M.R.D. Foot, The Oxford Companion to World War II and - The German Armed Forces 1919-1945, Warbird Forum.

Last modified: 10 December 2022