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Rules and F.A.Q.
Welcome to The World Forums!

This site has been online in some form or another since 1997 but it has been missing a way to interact with people. I hope a community can be built to help keep the site accurate and relevant. Please read this F.A.Q. before posting for the first time so you are aware what the purpose of the forums are and what are the rules.

Who can post?

If you can read this, you can register and post. What are you waiting for?

What are the site rules?

Just a few simple, common sense rules:
  • Keep discussion vibrant but civil. This means no insults or harassment of other posters. Swearing and other expressions "unbecoming of polite society" are absolutely fine insofar as they are not directed at other posters maliciously and do not have any racist, sexist, or bigoted connotations.
  • No spam, product placements, or illegal content. However, you are more than welcome to recommend external sites or content (ex: books, shows, movies) if they are relevant to the discussion.
  • This is a strictly non-political site so keep your political views and ideology to yourself. This is also not a pro-war or pro-militarism site and people should be mindful of political, national, and cultural sensitivities at all times. Avatars and usernames with racist or offensive content (ex: Nazi symbols, Pepe the Frog, ISIS flags, etc.) are not allowed. This includes those which may be construed as political advocacy or deliberately provocative (MAGA, Black/Blue Lives Matter, Antifa, etc.).
  • If you are quoting content from outside this site, please link to or mention the source and ensure that you are not in violation of copyright laws.
  • Please write in legible English (or to the best of your ability if you are not a native English speaker) without resorting to all caps, text speak, excessive use of emojis, or any other obnoxious style of writing. Stick to a thread's topic or else feel free to start a new one.
  • The language of this site is English so please offer a translation for any content that is in a different language so that everyone can understand it.
What is the purpose of this forum?

This forum exists to support the content of The World This involves anything related to suggested changes to the site, additional information for any of the site's sections, and errata. This site has been in perpetual "under construction" since it was first published and given my myriad of real-life commitments, it is unlikely it will be finished anytime soon. As such, I am open for people offering to write up any of the missing content (for example, World War I and Interwar weapon entries) or additional content such as statistics tables or anything in the resources section.

I've spotted an error on the website

Feel free to open a thread on the relevant forum for the section of the site where you found the error and make sure the thread begins with ERRATA - [title]. Please also make sure to quote a reputable source to back up what you are saying.

I want to add or improve a weapons entry

I cannot thank you enough for offering to add a weapons database entry, since at the time of writing this F.A.Q. nothing has been added for World War I and Interwar weapons, as well as most of the sea entries. Start a thread that begins with NEW ENTRY - and please follow the guidelines that will be pinned in the relevant forums. I am also open to having some of the aircraft entries improved since many of them were written over 20 years ago and are not up to the standard of the land and sea entries which were written more recently. It will be very obvious which ones need improving and any suggested rewrite can be posted in a new thread that begins with REWRITE - . Please note that I reserve the right to reject any new entries or rewrites so it's probably better to suggest a change before writing it. However, if any user content is accepted, you can be given credit.

There is some other content that I think should be added

By all means suggest it! Start a thread in the relevant section and we can discuss if it merits addition. I will also add a thread in each section with content that I am specifically looking for so please also take a look there first.

I have spotted a copyright violation

If you find any content that is possibly a copyright violation, please start a thread in the relevant forum and make sure you have evidence that the content is copyrighted. I will take it down.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site!
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